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Product by Application

  • SnL-2000 Battery Powered Automatic Lubricator Replacement Grease Catridge


    SnL-2000 is a new way to keep your bearings rolling. SnL-2000 is a battery powered automatic lubricator which can be directly mounted on a grease port or remotely on a bracket and connected via tubing to the port. The frequency of grease injections can...

  • This is the Ultrasonic Leak Detector that revolutionized ultrasonic leak detection in the HVAC/R field worldwide.  Nothing came close to its performance and nothing still does. Ps-i Kit - Ultrasonic Leak Detector Side View

    PS-i Ultrasonic Leak Detector Kit

    PS-i Ultrasonic Leak Detector The PS-i is the world's first pocket size Full-Heterodyne Ultrasonic Leak Detector. The PS-i is capable of finding pressure and vacuum leaks in HVAC and compressed air systems, without being affected by wind or leaked...

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  • Ps-i HD Kit - Ultrasonic Leak Detector Leak Detection with the Ps-i Leak Detector

    PS-i HD kit - Ultrasonic Leak Detector

    Ultrasonic Leak Detector The PS-i-HD is a heavy duty version of the PS-i kit. Based on the PS-i, the world's first pocket size Full-Heterodyne Ultrasonic Leak Detector, it is packaged in a large carrying case that incorporates our heavy Duty BTH headset...

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  • PS-i GN Hybrid kit - Ultrasonic Leak Detector Ultrasonic Leak Detector with a Goose Neck Mounted Sensor. Super Sensititvity

    PS-ign Hybrid - Ultrasonic Leak Detector

    PS-ign Hybrid Ultrasonic Leak Detector The PS-ign Hybrid is a new and revolutionary version of our PS-ign a legendary instrument used by thousands of HVAC/R and automotive technicians around the globe. The PS-ign Hybrid is an advanced Ultrasonic Leak...

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  • SoundBurster - Ultrasonic Sound Generator

    SoundBurster - Ultrasonic Sound Generator

    The SoundBurster is an Ultrasonic Sound Generator generating ultrasound waves which penetrate through openings to be detected by an Ultrasonic Leak Detector thus locating static leaks not detectable otherwise. The SoundBurster artificially...

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  • SoundBurster-II AudioReplica SoundBurster-II AudioReplica - Back Side

    SoundBurster-II AudioReplica

    SoundBurster-II AudioReplica(TM) is an ultrasonic sound generator used to pressurize with ultrasound - rooms, cabins, and enclosures - using four computer generated waveforms. These are spaces which cannot be pressurized with compressed air or...

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  • PSX-GN kit - Ultrasonic Leak Detector PSX-GN Ultrasonic Leak Detector

    PSX-GN Ultrasonic Leak Detector

    PSX-GN - Ultrasonic Leak Detector Dual signal processors. Automatic leak frequency tuning through AFT. Specialized Heterodyne Output. Gooseneck design. Costs approximately one third of the cost of a 1/4” hole at 90 PSI leaking compressed air for...

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